Live Like a Warrior!
Live Like a Warrior!
Live Like a Warrior!
Live Like a Warrior!
The Shaman's Forge

If you're ready to embark on the exciting voyage of unlocking the mysteries of your life, I'm ready to serve as your personal spirit guide!

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 Shamanic Visions

 Shamanic Visions

"Wouldn't it be great if you could pick up the phone & talk to your spirit guides & loved ones on the other side? Well, NOW you can!Stop hurting! Start HEALING! 

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"Shamanic Visions"

By Virginia

Inner-Dimensional Master Spirit Guide

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Accurate Spiritual Guidance you CAN depend on!

About Shamanic Vision Sessions

A Shamanic Vision session is a form of spirit whispering and is unlike the average psychic reading that most are generally familiar with. Without using tarot cards or crystal balls, by going directly within, a shaman is able to utilize more advanced techniques of insight, which affords them the ability to literally view into the spirit of the individual who seeks their counsel. During this time, the shaman is working inner-dimensionally and acts as an intermediary between worlds.

In addition to receiving validation that their loved ones on the other side are still watching over them and profound messages from their personal spirit guides, animal totems and the ancients, clients oftentimes experience a heightened sense of awareness, spontaneous healings and leave with a renewed sense of direction and purpose! The powerful impact of a session conducted by a skilled shaman will also reveal hidden insights regarding a person's life journey, as well as what they may be in the process of creating and whether or not they're going to like the results when they get there. 

Due to my highly developed skills in all areas of this work, it's not necessary to meet with me in person to get the support, guidance, direction or insight you need right now! Thanks to technology, no matter where you're located, you can enjoy your session with me at nearly any reasonable hour of the day or night, using your phone or computer!

My clients come to me for a variety of reasons, ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. As an "Inner-dimensional Master Spirit Guide", I'm trained to address ALL areas of a person's life. *CLICK HERE to discover the multiple ways I can help YOU! (*A new window will open!)

Throughout my lifetime I've had the privilege of being in service to thousands of individuals (both human and animals!) from around the world, delivering inspiring messages of hope, joy, insight and spiritual (as well as practical) guidance to people just like yourself! With my finely tuned gifts, which took lifetimes of training to develop and master, working inner-dimensionally, I'm able to accurately see into your unique situation and can safely guide you through the uncharted & sometimes murky waters of your life's journey.